Best Resume Builder 2018: Review of 10 Tools

There’s no doubt how useful a free resume generator can build an effective and good-looking CV. These resume builders will make it faster, easier, and much more convenient to build your resume – letting you focus on your most important part of the resume instead of creating it all by yourself.

The perfect resume 2018 nowadays is the one that fits with various different needs, from keywords to a good layout – and that’s exactly what resume builders offer. So, would you rather make your own resume without knowing how to do it exactly or rely on one of these?

Most of these builders tend to offer a good resume format 2018 that is both effective and good-looking. Yet, you may need to some change to it if you really want to make it better – but sometimes not even a little tweak is needed. Want to know what else makes 2018 resume builder be awesome? Take a look!

free resume generator onlineBenefits of Using a Resume Creator

A good resume 2018 is the one that complies with all the latest trends and necessities for applicants, as well as complying with what recruiters want to see. This is almost what every resume creator offers, apart from other great features like:

1.      Better looks

Every resume builder has the perfect format to know what does a resume look like in 2018, with the perfect use of the structure, organization and other features to make it incredibly good-looking. Some of the resumes these resume builders offer are often traditional as well, yet they look better than any template you can find on Office Word, for example.

2.      Efficiency

A good resume creator makes a resume not only to look better but to make it more effective in the eyes of recruiters. By using the right words in the right places, a resume builder can make a resume be a lot more efficient. Additionally, these builders tend to also get to use keywords in the places where ATSs scan more commonly, making their creations achieve better results.

3.      Save time & effort

There’s no better way to make a good resume layout 2018 than using a resume builder, but mainly because you will be saving all that time and effort on other things instead of focusing on making your resume. With a resume builder you just need to enter your info, what you like or prefer and eventually make the resume without having to spend more than a few minutes.

4.      Latest trends

Most resume builders are updated to fit the latest trends when it comes to resumes, this way it will not only be more effective, look better, using the right keywords, structure and so on but it will make your entire professional profile be the best out there without a doubt. When you use a resume builder, you make yourself an instant better candidate both for the ATS-friendly performance and how it will look in the eyes of a recruiter.

List of 10 Best Resume Builder 2018

You for sure want to know how to make a perfect resume without having to spend too much time and receiving the best of effectiveness from it. Here we are going to tell you where you can find the perfect tool to do, among the best tools you can find on the internet:

1. Uptowork

Even though this resume creator only offers 4 different templates to use for free, these templates are incredibly effective, good-looking and have a good format that makes keyword look a lot better. Yet, you will have to get along with the Uptowork watermark and only 4 templates unless you pay for a subscription.

2. CV Maker

One of the easiest to use, you won’t even have to Sign Up to do it. Creating a resume is incredibly easy, with not many different options to choose from yet it allows the user to manage all the information that goes in as well as helping to choose the layout and presentation. This makes it really effective and versatile.

3. Resume Genius

This wonderful tool offer great advantages due to a larger list of templates to choose from, as well as incredibly good looking. Additionally, each template is keyword-oriented, making sure the resume achieves better results in ATS scans. However, using the tool may be a little tricky.

4. Super Resume

One of the easiest tools to use out there offers many different templates to choose and allows the user to insert their information without having to change much. The resume is totally free yet you may need to pay something in order to download your resume in useful formats.

5. Live Career

Want to make the perfect resume 2018? LiveCareer is maybe your best option. This wonderful resume creator allows you to tweak everything from more than 10 different resume templates that are both good-looking and keyword-friendly. Easily, one of the best builders out there which offer great versatility as well.

6. ResumeBucket

Also easy to use and very user-friendly, Resume Bucket offers a great tool to create resumes for those who don’t need an awesome format or template but want to change as much as possible in order to personalize their resumes entirely. The resumes are also ATS-oriented but somewhat more traditional.

7. My Perfect Resume

This site allows you to use a wonderful creator of resumes that offers the opportunity to change almost everything, from each title to all other significant data. The builder is pretty versatile, offering many different templates available to use and offers the opportunity to download the resume after you’re done making it.

8. VisualCV

Wonderful editor, easy-to-use interface and incredibly useful additional feature like the opportunity to add a professional brand to each resume for those who buy the membership. It offers many different templates to choose from and it’s incredibly versatile for any type of job offer or work field you work at.

9. Resumonk

If you want a good resume format 2018, this one will offer you exactly that. This is a magnificent builder that allows the user to choose from a wide variety of formats and templates which are simply good-looking and useful.

10. SlashCV

You can change practically everything from a resume template with this builder. If you’d like to make the perfect resume 2018, SlashCV may be your best bet here. You just need to Sign Up and then you will be allowed to tweak everything from every template and format they offer, both ATS-friendly and very effective in structure and organization.

how to get a good resume

Resume Tips 2018 on How to Use a Resume Generator

Using a 2018 resume builder is not hard work, in any way – that’s what they are made for. Yet, you may need to some help actually knowing how much they can help you and how much you can change from a resume when you use one of these. Here’s a list of things you should take into account when using a resume builder:

  • Always take into account how many templates the builder offers. Look at all of them.
  • Make sure the template you choose fits your profile.
  • A good resume builder should allow you to change everything
  • Make sure the resume builder doesn’t add a watermark on your template
  • Fonts, titles, headlines, and keywords should be optimized and free to change as well.
  • The best builders are always the ones that ask for a membership in order to use all features.
  • Configure everything on your resume before downloading or using it.
  • Most resume builders only offer 1-page resume templates, so if you need 2-page resumes you may don’t find your solution here.
  • And ATS-friendly resume is always better than a good-looking resume.

As you see, using a free resume generator is not hard work in any way. Just remember to use them with care and make your resume look exactly like you need. Follow these tips and make your resume look wonderful – you won’t get disappointed for sure.

Create Your Resume 2018 Now!

Do not fail for low-quality resume builders out there, make your resume layout 2018, the keywords, structure and overall format of your resume is of the highest quality out there so you can achieve the best job without any problem. Just remember that it is important to always fit your needs and desires – making sure your resume looks exactly like you need it to look.

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