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The Importance of Your HR Manager Resume

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics an average HR manager earns almost $105,000 per year and the area is growing at a 9% rate which is faster than many other sectors. This makes this an area that attracts a large number of applicants for good positions meaning that you will typically face a huge amount of competition when making an application.

Your resume is your way of getting your foot in the door. It has to be able to quickly convince the recruiter that you are an ideal candidate for the job as well as being able to get through any ATS software check. With many recruiters spending as little as just 6 seconds to review a resume you can understand that your resume must be very carefully written and structured if it is going to get you noticed.

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Writing that attention-grabbing resume however is a task that many fail with. Our resume writing advice and examples can provide you with an edge over your competition if you take the time to follow them.

How to Use Our HR Manager Resume Sample

One of the best ways to learn how to do something is to see the finished example. Our HR manager resume example allows you to see just how your own resume should be worded and also formatted. Having a clear layout and a format that leads the recruiter to the information that you want them to see is very important. Our samples also show you how you should word your information so that it will be effective when they read it.

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But like any example that you find online, our HR or secretary resume sample writing is not something that you should ever copy. Your personal resume must reflect your own skills and experience as well as showing how well that matches to the expectations of the job that you are applying to. You must always write your own resume from scratch not simply copy.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Resume for HR Manager Job Hunting

There are several areas that many applicants always fall foul of when writing their resumes and these should be avoided if you want your own to stand out. To craft an effective resume always look at the following areas:

  • Using the same resume for every application: Every job that you apply for is going to be different. They will use different keywords in their job advert and also in any ATS search filter. They will expect different skills and experience and will weigh the importance of things differently. Not tailoring your resume accordingly often means that the information that the recruiter will want to see is not prominent within your resume and will be overlooked during a quick review. Always tailor your resume to the job if you want to have a good chance of selection.
  • Cluttered and poorly formatted resumes: If your resume is wall to wall text over several pages and contains all forms of italics, bolding and text sizes and fonts you can be sure that the recruiter is going to put it straight out. Your resume needs to be easy to read and must highlight the specific information that they need to see, not your full life history. Your font should be easy to read in 12pt size and consistent throughout your writing. The layout should be typical for your industry so that the recruiter knows where to find what they are looking for and clear space should draw their attention there.
  • Failing to sell yourself: The recruiter does not want to read what your responsibilities were in every job that you had, they can work that out just from the job title. They want to know what you actually achieved in that role. So you should be detailing out your achievements that are relevant to the role that you are applying to. Provide them in a way that is concise and to the point and where possible put numbers to it so that they can see precisely what you achieved.
  • Submitting an error-laden resume: You want to make an impression with your resume, but you want to make sure that it is a good one. Errors creep into our writing very easily and leaving them in your resume is recipe for immediate failure. Most recruiters will simply reject a resume if they find errors within it. Always carefully proofread your writing so that you are sure that your resume is completely error free.

Should you not be able to match the standard of our HR manager resume sample for any reason just use our amazing tips and advice today!

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