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The Importance of Your Secretary Resume

Applying for a job as a secretary or admin assistant will mean competing against many others. Most jobs get on average 250 applications according to ERE Recruiting Intelligence. So if you want to be selected for an interview your resume has got to persuade the reader that you are amongst the top handful.

Most large companies will not just use a recruiter to look at your resume. They will have a piece of software (ATS) review your resume first to filter out all of those that just do not match their expectations. This will usually remove around 60% of all of the applicants. The remaining resumes are then reviewed by the recruiter who will often spend only 5 to 7 seconds reviewing what you may have spent days putting together. If the recruiter cannot find what they are looking for in that short review then your resume will be discarded, they are not going to keep reading it over and over to try to make you fit their requirements.

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Writing that effective resume that is going to get you that secretarial position is not simple. Our writing advice and secretarial resume examples however will help you to put together an application that will help you to get an interview.

Using Our Secretary Resume Sample

Our professional secretary resume example can show you just how your own resume should be put together if you want to win an interview. Our samples show you the right formatting to employ so that you present your information in a way that is easy to read and obvious to the recruiter. They also show you the areas that you should be covering and how you should word each area for it to be effective.

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This secretary or technician resume sample writing however is not something that you can simply copy and use. Your own resume needs to reflect your own personal skills and experience and must always be tailored to perfectly reflect what the job is looking for.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Making Your Application

Writing a resume that is going to get you noticed is never an easy task, nor is it something that you can complete in just a few minutes if you want to do it well. Most applicants will make some of the most common mistakes when they write their resume and these need to be avoided if you want your application to lead to an interview:

  • Not using a tailored resume for your application: With most large companies using software, as do most online job boards, unless your resume contains all of the keywords that they are looking for it will not get past this stage. It will also be unlikely to get past the recruiters brief review unless you have taken the time to make sure that the specific information that they want to see if there where they will immediately see it. Do not use the same resume for every application, always tailor it for the best results.
  • Failing to provide a well-formatted resume: How your information is presented will have a major impact on your chances of selection. If the recruiter is not led directly to what they want to see by your formatting then your information may not be seen. This is especially true if you use distracting decorations, hard to read fonts, type that is too small, and excessive text formatting.
  • Not being specific about what you can do: Never make vague claims, always provide the reader with clear and concise examples of what you can do. Also show what you have actually achieved not just listing what your responsibilities were. If possible put facts and figures to what you have done as this will add a greater impact. This is a marketing tool that is there to sell you, so make sure that it does.
  • Failing to remove errors in your writing: First impressions count and if the first thing the recruiter sees when reading your resume is a spelling mistake it tells them that you did not care enough about your application to check it. You must always carefully proofread your writing so that there is nothing that is going to give the recruiter an excuse to dismiss your application.

If you are struggling to match the standard of our secretary resume sample then just use our tips and advice to submit an effective application!

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