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Is Your Technician Resume Important?

A resume has one purpose alone and that is to get you an interview. The problem is that most jobs that are posted receive hundreds of resumes that will need to be reviewed by the recruiter or software before they decide which are the lucky few that will be invited to interview. According to the Workforce Training and Development blog there are over 27,000 resumes uploaded onto Monster every single week and Google once received over 75,000 resumes in just a single week. So making your resume stand out is going to be a real test.

While some have suggested that the resume will be replaced by video it is unlikely. The written word is something that can be quickly scanned by both a computer and by a recruiter. ATS software allows a company to sift quickly through applications and select only those that contain the right keywords eliminating often over 60% of the applications. The remainder are then reviewed by the recruiter who can use their experience to check a resume in just a few seconds to see if it contains what the job requires.

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Your resume therefore must be very easy to read, laid out logically, and must contain exactly what the recruiter wants to see. Achieving this is not easy and most job hunters will want as much help as they can get to land that technicians place. Our resume samples and writing advice will provide you with a huge amount of guidance as to how you can gain that interview.

How to Use Our Technician Resume Sample

Technician resume examples are a perfect way for you to be able to see just how other applicants have gone about their writing. A good sample shows you precisely how your own resume needs to be formatted and the layout that you should use so that it is easy for the recruiter to see what they need to find. It also helps you to see how you should promote yourself with your writing.

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A technician or college resume sample should never just be copied however. Not only would that be plagiarism it would also not be likely to help you even if the resume was perfect. It is not going to be about you and nor is it going to show the specific skills that the job you are applying to are asking for. Your resume must always be written from scratch.

Avoid Common Errors with Your Resume Writing

You want your resume to make you stand out and that means avoiding the many pitfalls that most applicants drop into. There are several issues that many resumes still fall foul of and they should be avoided at all costs:

  • Mass mailing the same resume to all jobs: The recruiter and even software will want to review your resume looking for the very specific requirements that you have. With a generic resume there is a very high chance that those requirements will be missing, hidden under a mass of other less relevant information, or worded in a different way to what they expect. Always tailor your resume to reflect what they want to see.
  • Not reflecting the keywords that they use: Always read the job advert carefully to understand what they are looking for. Not only must you tailor your resume accordingly you must also use the same language. They will use those keywords when filtering resumes through their software and also when they quickly scan your resume. If the words are not there you will not get chosen.
  • Not writing concisely: Even if you have a long career you will not want to provide the recruiter with a 16-page monstrosity in 8pt font. The purpose of your resume is to show that you have what they are looking for not to tell your entire life history. Be very concise in your writing and use bullets where applicable. If it does not directly add to your chances of being interviewed then it should not be in your resume.
  • Making unsubstantiated claims: “I am a hard working and reliable technician”, this is just fluff that really means nothing. The reader wants to know what you are capable of so don’t just list your responsibilities or make claims that are not backed with any evidence. Always give an example and show your actual accomplishments. If you can back it with numbers even better.
  • Presenting your information poorly: The format that you use for your resume is very important. The recruiter has to be able to quickly and easily see the information that they are looking for so if your resume is cluttered or contains distracting text formatting then they are less likely to find what they want. Keep your format as simple as possible with clear white space at the start of each section to draw the attention of the reader there.
  • Errors with your writing: First impressions count in a big way, especially with your resume. If the recruiter sees a spelling mistake or other problem it tells them that you did not care enough about the application to review it properly. If you want to avoid being dismissed you must proofread your writing very carefully.

Make your application as good as our technician resume sample with our tips and advice here today!

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