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Why Is Your College Resume So Important?

According to an article in Experience it takes the average college graduate 3 to 9 months to get a job after they graduate. This can be a long time if you have no way of supporting yourself. Your resume is often all that will be standing between you and that new job.

The resume has one purpose and that is to get you an interview. It is a marketing tool and should be written in a way that is going to promote you to the recruiter as well as showing clearly that you have the skills and the qualifications that they are looking for. The problem is that recruiters spend very little time looking at your resume, they will only quickly scan it looking for the specific information that they want to see for the position that they are recruiting for. If they do not see it immediately within that brief scan they are not going to come back and look harder, they will just move on to the next resume in their stack.

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One way to improve your chances of getting an interview is to improve how your resume is written. Our resume samples and writing tips are some of the best ways that you can access to help you to submit a more effective application.

How Should You Use a College Resume Sample?

A good sample of college resume writing such as those that we supply will provide you with a huge amount of guidance as to how you should go about writing your own resume. Our examples will clearly show you the structure that you can use for your resume and how your writing should be formatted so that it is effective for the recruiter. It will also show you just how you should be wording your information so that it makes an impact.

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Our college or executive resume examples are however only for inspiration and guidance. You should never just copy them and try and use them as your own. Firstly they are not going to showcase your personal skills, and secondly, they are not going to match to the job that you are applying to.

Avoiding Common Mistakes with Your College Resume

A recruiter has to work their way through potentially hundreds of resumes for each position. Many of these resumes are going to look very much the same and will not be in any way inspiring. You have to make yours stand out, and that means avoiding the issues that many of the others will not:

  • Using the same resume for every application that you make: While it may be easy to send the same resume to hundreds of different jobs it is not going to be effective. If you really want to get an interview it is best that you target the jobs that you really want and write your resume to reflect exactly what they want to see.
  • Submitting a poorly formatted and cluttered resume: Your resume should not be decorated or use fancy scripts to make it look pretty. It needs to communicate your skills quickly and effectively and that means using something that is clear and easy to read with no distractions.
  • Not showing all of your experience: While your working experience may be limited you will still be able to illustrate the skills that are required within the workplace. Do not forget summer jobs, volunteer work, internships, clubs and anything else that will have helped you develop your personal skills.
  • Not illustrating your skills: You cannot just make vague statements within your resume without supporting them. If the job is looking for someone with good leadership skills then you need to come up with an example of when you showed them and used them to good effect. If possible quantify the effect of any example with hard figure.
  • Submitting a resume that contains errors: While your resume is not going to be graded on your writing ability, it should not contain any errors at all as it will simply be discarded. You must proofread your resume very carefully to remove any possible errors.

To make your resume as good as our college resume sample just follow our tips above!

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