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The Importance of Your Executive Resume

According to RecruitingDaily around 75% of large companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for their recruitment. These systems pre-screen your resume for keywords that the recruiter is looking for and will eliminate those resumes that don’t fit before they even get to the actual recruiter. Your resume therefore needs even more thought than it once did if you want to get to the interview stage.

With executive positions attracting potentially hundreds of candidates your resume has got to be able to make you stand out and show that you clearly match the specific requirements that they are looking for. Even if you get through the computer screening you still have to be reviewed by the recruiter and often they will spend mere seconds reviewing your resume to see if you are a fit. So how your write and format your resume is vital to getting a chance at an interview.

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By looking at our executive resume examples, reading our writing tips, and using executive resume builder you will be able to better understand just how you need to craft your resume for success.

How to Use Executive Resume Samples

Examples of executive resumes are an excellent way for you to understand just what is expected of you from the recruiter. Our executive or lawyer resume sample will show you just how you should organize and structure your resume so that it covers all of the areas that are required. It will also show you just how you should present and word your own information for maximum effect.

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You cannot however just copy executive resume samples and use them as your own, even if you change a few things here and there. Your resume needs to very clearly reflect your own abilities and achievements and should be carefully tailored to show the recruiter what they are looking for.

Avoid Mistakes with Your Resume Writing

There are several common areas that many applicants fail to address with their resume that will cause them to be overlooked. The following are some of the issues that you must address within your own:

  • Not using the right industry keywords and buzzwords: With many companies and online recruiters using ATS it is important that you reflect all of the possible words that they may search through within your resume. Of course overusing these words just to try to influence the software may also have a negative effect on your chances. You need to carefully review the advert to identify specific words that you should reflect in your own resume.
  • Not tailoring your resume to the job: There is no one size fits all solution to resume writing that is going to get you an interview for every application that you make. Your resume should always be rewritten to reflect precisely what the recruiter is looking for. If you don’t provide them with what they want to know then you have no chance of selection.
  • Not presenting your information clearly: You have to ensure that your formatting brings the information that you want them to see to the fore. This means ensuring that your resume is clean and uncluttered with wide margins and no decorations or excessive text formatting. Use white space before each section so that the recruiter will look there first and ensure that you list the most important factors to the recruiter at the start of each section.
  • Failing to sell yourself: This is a marketing document and you need to demonstrate just how good you are at your job. The recruiter does not what to know what your responsibilities were, they want to know what you have actually achieved. Use action words and examples to show what you can do and where possible quantify the improvements that you have made.
  • Submitting an error-filled application: Most of us will make typos, select incorrect words and a host of other issues with our writing. Not taking the time to proofread your resume is a sure way to have your resume rejected even if you fit their needs.

Make your application as good as our executive resume examples by following our advice today!

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