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The Importance of a Good Lawyer Resume

While some of the top graduates are enjoying salaries of $180,000 to attract them to some of the top firms according to Gerald Schifman writing for Crain’s many are still off searching for places at some of the country’s best-known investment banks and funds where they could potentially earn even more. However at the other end of the scale 10% of lawyers are earning around $56 or less.

No matter where you are in the scheme of things applying for a job still involves convincing the person responsible for recruitment that you are worthy of an interview. This needs to be done by providing them with a resume that is going to showcase your skills in a way that will make them see you as a perfect addition to their staff. But even in the legal profession the recruiters are not going to spend forever trying to make your resume match their position. If your resume does not clearly show that you match their expectations then your bid for interview will fail.

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Getting the help that you need to craft that effective resume does not have to be difficult. We can provide you with a well-written lawyer resume sample to review along with some of the best advice you will find online for your writing.

How to Use a Lawyer Resume Example

No matter what sort of practice or company you are applying to our legal resume sample can help you to better understand how you will need to write your own. Our legal or medical internship resume sample clearly show you how you should format and structure your resume so that it presents your information in a way that makes it stand out so that it is easy to scan by the recruiter. We also show you how you should write the information in a way that will promote you better.

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Of course simply copying one or our legal resume samples is not something that you can do. No example is going to reflect your own personal skills and achievements nor is it going to reflect what the job that you are applying to is looking for. Your own resume must always be written from scratch about you, not copied.

Avoid These Mistakes When Writing Your Resume

If you want to clearly show your suitability for the position that you are applying to then your lawyers resume needs to avoid the many mistakes that your competitors will make. The following are some of the issues that you will need to avoid to make your resume stand out:

  • Don’t have a one size fits all approach to your resume: Your resume should always be specifically tailored to the position that you are applying to so that the recruiter clearly sees that you are fully qualified.
  • Poorly formatted and busy resume: A resume that is completely filled with text with no visible white space is almost impossible to scan. Also distractions like excessive text formatting and decorations can prevent the recruiter seeing what they are looking for.
  • Not being specific in what you have done: It is important that you clearly describe and quantify what you have achieved.
  • Using duties rather than explaining what you have achieved: Duties are almost a given with any job title you have held in the past. What the recruiter will want to know is what you actually achieved.
  • Making your resume too long or too short: There is no rule that says your resume should be 1 page in length, however, 2 is probably long enough to cover what most recruiters will be expecting to see.
  • Poorly written objectives laden with clichés: Your resume objective needs to be specific and should show how you are going to meet their needs as well as your own.
  • A lack of action verbs: Show how you actioned things rather than had oversight of or responsibility for.
  • Leaving out important information: This is especially true for those starting out in their career who may omit summer work even though it has taught them some essential skills.
  • Having the wrong information or poorly constructed personal email addresses: Getting the wrong phone number or using your mrhotandsexy69@myemail is not going to help you get an interview.
  • Error-laden writing: Always proofread, even a single spelling mistake can see your resume being rejected.

If you are struggling to match our lawyer resume sample just use our tips here today for the best help with your application!

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