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Your Medical Internship Resume Is Vital to Getting an Interview

A medical intern is basically a first-year resident who is under the supervision of a fully qualified doctor. Selecting your internship well can have a major impact on your future career and as such many places are very competitive indeed. A first year resident according to Medscape can earn on average around $55,000. In some areas such as critical care the average is as much as $65k.

Many places are heavily oversubscribed and every year many interns are disappointed as they will not gain the place that they are looking for. To get a place you must ensure that your resume is able to make you stand out to the committee that will review your application. They will be reviewing many different resumes so you will have your work cut out to get noticed and selected to interview.

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One way that you can improve your resume writing is through looking at our samples of medical internship resume writing and our writing advice.

How Can You Use a Medical Internship Resume Sample?

If you want to understand the things that you should cover and how they should be covered then looking at a medical internship resume example is a perfect place to start. Our medical or web designer resume sample will show you just how your resume should be structured, what you should place within each section and how it should be worded to be effective. Examples also allow you to see just how your resume should be formatted so that you get the reader’s attention in all of the right places.

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Of course a sample of medical internship resume writing should never be simply copied, even if you change a few facts around. Your resume needs to be clearly written about you and also tailored to the specific post that you are applying to so will need to be totally unique.

Avoiding Common Mistakes with Your Internship Resume

A resume is a document that is used to sell your abilities, not just a list of your qualifications and work history. As such it should be written in a way that is going to showcase your skills and abilities to show how well you meet their specific expectations. The following are some of the many areas that applicants fail with when writing their resumes:

  • Failing to tailor their resume to the program applied to: Every program has very different expectations so using the same resume for each one that you apply to is not going to be effective. Always carefully review all of the information that there is about the program so that you can show exactly how well you match their expectations within your resume. Your resume should show their specific expectations at the start of each relevant section so that the reader clearly sees that you meet their expectations.
  • Making a cluttered resume: Related to tailoring your resume you should also ensure that what you provide is concisely written and does not contain information that is totally irrelevant to your application. Your final resume should be easy to read with clear margins, plenty of white space and 12pt text. The reader should not have to search for the information they want, it needs to be immediately obvious.
  • Not promoting your abilities effectively: Too many applicants pepper their resumes with unsubstantiated and often clichéd comments, such as “good with patients”. If you have specific skills or have achieved something make sure that you give clear examples of what you have done and if possible quantify it with real data.
  • Not proofreading your resume effectively: Few people can write perfectly, we all make typos and occasionally select incorrect words. Letting those issues remain in your resume however says that you did not care enough about the application to find and remove them. So if you want your application to be treated seriously you must make sure that it is error-free.

Not everyone can write an engaging resume even with all of the best samples and writing tips.

If you are struggling to achieve the quality of your resume for any reason just check out our awesome medical internship resume examples and tips here today!

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