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The Importance of Having the Best Web Designer Resume

A web designer or developer will earn on average around $65,000 a year and the demand for jobs is expected to grow by a whopping 27% through to 2024 making it a fast growing sector according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is also a very demanding sector in which employers are very selective as to who they will employ; after all they want to be able to design websites that not only look effective but function perfectly also.

So showing the recruiter that you have the abilities that they are looking for is going to be a tough job. But if you cannot put together a resume that is going to convince the recruiter that you are perfect in just a few seconds then you will lose out to someone that can. Recruiters do not spend forever trying to make your resume fit their profile, their job is one of elimination and if they do not see something they specifically want without having to search for it then they will discard your resume. They will keep doing this until they have the handful of applicants that they want to interview.

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Understanding this process and how your resume should be put together to get you selected therefore is vital. Our writing tips and resume examples can help you to submit an application that is going to maximize your chances of being accepted.

How Do You Use a Web Designer Resume Sample?

A web designer resume example is one way to understand how to present yourself within your application. A web designer or police resume sample can show you just how your own resume needs to be structured and laid out as well as the specific formatting that you should use for it to be effective. Examples also show you just how your should word the different areas of your resume and what you should be covering.

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One thing to remember with any web designer sample resumes however is that they are not about you and they do not reflect the specifics of any job that you are applying to. They can only be used for guidance and inspiration and should never be used as your own.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Applying for a Web Designer Job

With the recruiter looking at so many resumes you can be sure that they regularly see things in the resumes that they look at that simply make them pass. The following are some of the areas that you need to address if you want to make your resume stand out:

  • Using a busy resume with no space: Poor formatting combined with trying to cover your whole life story in a few pages often results in something that is just impossible to scan through looking for information. A resume needs to look fresh and clean as well as being easy to read. This means using clear margins, and easy to read 12pt font, and no decoration at all. White space should be used to draw the eye to the start of every section making your resume easier to read.
  • Not tailoring your information: Each specific job that you apply to is different as are their expectations. So using the same resume for every application is really not going to give you the best chance of being selected. Always tailor your resume so that each section will start with precisely the information that they want to see. If something is not specifically asked for and is not part of the usual expectation for that role then it can be left out of your resume.
  • Not selling yourself well enough: Your resume is as much a marketing tool as a webpage is. It has got to sell you as an ideal choice for their position. This means avoiding unsubstantiated and clichéd statements such as “I create designs that users like”. Your statement should be specific and where possible quantified, “My last website design increased user time on page by 35% and click through rate by 23%”.
  • Failing to eliminate any errors in your writing: A spelling mistake or a bit of slang that the recruiter does not understand can be enough to dismiss your resume from the fight. You must proofread your work very carefully to ensure that it reads perfectly and is free of any possible errors.

To submit an application that is as good as our web design resume sample just make use of our reliable and effective specialized services here today!

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