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The Importance of Having an Outstanding Police Resume

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are over 12,000 police departments across the US not including sheriffs offices with more than 900,000 police officers. The police is actually an attractive area to work in for many people as you can attract a salary of over $50k as a patrol officer as well as many other benefits. As such this is also a competitive area for employment.

police resume statisticsIf you want to apply as a police officer or for advancement then your resumewill need to show that you are an excellent candidate that will meet their very exacting requirements. Recruiters are not however going to spend forever going through your resume to see if you match what they want before inviting you to interview. If they cannot find the information that they want to see quickly without hunting for it your resume will quickly end up on the “no thanks” pile.

One way to understand better what will be required of you is to look at a police resume sample such as ours and also to review our advice for writing your resume. The better that you can present yourself to the recruiter the more chance that you will get through to the next interview and testing stage.

professional examples of police resumes
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How to Use Police Resume Examples

Looking at examples of police resumes will help you to fully understand exactly how your application needs to look and what you should say. How you word your resume and the things that you need to cover can be clearly seen through our police or manager resume sample. You will also be able to see just how the resume needs to be formatted to allow the reader to quickly and easily find the most important information.

police resume sample police resume sample by resume builder
You cannot just simply copy police resume examples however, not only is that plagiarism it is also not going to help you. Your resume must be written about you with your skills, qualifications and experience. It must also be carefully tailored to the post that you are applying to if you want it to be successful. Your own personal resume should always be written specifically from scratch for each application to give you the greatest chance of success.

Mistakes with Police Resume Writing

The recruiter will look at potentially hundreds of resumes so you will want to make sure that yours sells you perfectly for the position you apply to. This means that it has to be easy to read and must clearly show just what a good fit that you are. Mistakes or any issues with your resume just give them an easy reason to dismiss your application. The following are just some of the issues that you may face and what you need to do to avoid them:

  • Failing to clearly show you are qualified: Many people use the same tired resume for every application that they make. Often this means that something that the recruiter wants to see is hidden away in sentence after sentence of information that is not relevant to that application. They will not read your whole resume, they will only scan it. So you always need to tailor your resume so that the information they specifically want is featured first within each section of your resume.
  • Not formatting your resume well: A resume is not a work of art, nor is somewhere to list your full life history. It needs to be clean and easy to read not cluttered and decorated. A good format should have clear wide margins, use a 12pt easy to read font and should not have excessive amounts of text formatting that will confuse the eyes. It should also make use of clear space to drag the readers eyes to the start of each section where you will have listed the most important information for the recruiter.
  • Not selling yourself: Far too many applicants will fill their resumes with unsubstantiated clichés; of course you are honest and reliable, but can you demonstrate it? Don’t make vague claims for anything within your resume, if you are a good team player, for instance, give an example of when you were in a team, what contribution you made, and what the final outcome was. If possible put numbers to anything that you have achieved so that they can see how effective you are.
  • Not eliminating errors in your resume: We always make mistakes when we write no matter how careful we are. But even a solitary spelling mistake within your resume can be enough for the recruiter to select a different applicant. You cannot just expect your software to catch everything, you have to proofread your writing very carefully.

If you are struggling to match our police resume sample just get in touch with our specialized services here today for support that you can trust to deliver the highest levels of quality!

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