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The Importance of a Good Manager Resume

According to US News a business operations manager can expect to receive an average salary a little short of $100k, while the top 25% will be earning over almost $150k. Of course landing one of the best-paid jobs is not going to be an easy task. You can guarantee that you will be competing against potentially hundreds of other candidates all with equally as impressive backgrounds and qualifications.

Your resume’s task is to get you invited for an interview. To achieve that it must really be capable of making you stand out as being perfectly qualified for the role that you are applying to. That is far from easy to achieve with the way that resumes are reviewed by many companies. Most will use software for an initial filter; this software will search through your resume looking for specific keywords that the recruiter has deemed important. If those keywords are not in your resume then you are not even going to get to the point where your resume is reviewed by a real person.

The recruiter is also not going to spend a huge amount of time on your resume. If they cannot instantly see what they are looking for within a few seconds of looking at your resume then your resume is going to be discarded.

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Writing that attention grabbing and effective resume is not going to be an easy task for anyone. However our writing tips and manager or translator resume sample are a great place to start to ensure that you have an edge over your competition.

How to Use Our Manager Resume Sample

Manager resume examples allow you to see how other applicants have successfully managed to land the positions that they want. A sample will provide you with a huge amount of guidance with regards to what should be covered and how it should be written to be effective. Examples also demonstrate the ways that formatting can help to draw attention to the information that you want the recruiter to read.

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An example of manager resume writing however is not something that can be simply copied. Your personal resume has to fully reflect your personal skills and experience and must also be carefully tailored to reflect what the job is expecting to see. Your resume must always be written from scratch and targeted towards the position you are applying to if you want to gain that place.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Management Resume

Crafting that perfect resume is not easy and there are many pitfalls that you can stubble into as you write. The following are the main issues that you will want to avoid when you write your resume:

  • Don’t use a one size fits all resume: Every job that you apply to will have different requirements and you will need to ensure that your resume reflects those needs clearly. Review the advert and also the company website so that you can identify what those specific expectations are for your experience, qualifications, and skills. Make sure that what they require makes up the start of each of the relevant sections of your resume so that it is seen first.
  • Don’t use cluttered overly busy formats that will distract the reader: The simpler the formatting that you use the easier it is for the reader to find the information that you want them to see. Use clear wide margins without any decoration and utilize an easy to read font in 12pt size or bigger. Never add graphics or photographs. White space before each of your resume sections helps to ensure that they will read the information that you want them to see first.
  • Don’t use clichés and unqualified claims within your resume: A “hard working and dedicated manager” means little within your resume. Give an example of how you have managed people and what the outcome was. Where possible quantify what you have achieved with figures as these will have a greater impact.
  • Never submit a resume that contains any errors: A single mistake is enough of a reason for most recruiters to dismiss your application. Proofread your writing and ensure that you also spell out all acronyms and avoid any use of slang within your writing.

Should you still have difficulties with writing your own application to the standard of our manager resume sample just contact our reliable and professional support here today!

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