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The Importance of a Good Programmer Resume

According to Katie Bouwkamp writing for the Coding Dojo Blog of the top 25 most in-demand jobs out there around half require programming skills such as for a database administrator or a software engineer. As such you are going to be facing a huge amount of competition when applying in these areas. For typical jobs a single post can attract 250 or more applications. All of which will need to be reviewed to select the lucky handful that will be invited for an interview.

Getting selected however is not going to be easy. Most companies will use software to filter the applications and eliminate those that do not match their requirements and the remainder will then be reviewed by the recruiter who is only going to spend a few seconds scanning your resume for the specific skills that they are looking for. So if your resume is not written in exactly the right manner your application is going to be discarded.

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Writing an effective programming resume is not easy at all. There are many different languages and other skills that will need to be covered. Our programmer resume examples and writing advice however will help you to understand how you need to put together your own resume so that it will be successful.

How to Use a Programmer Resume Example

A programmer resume sample is one way that lets you see exactly how your application should be put together. A good example allows you to see precisely the structure that you should use to showcase your personal skills as well as how it should be formatted to be effective. Samples also let you see how others word their resumes and how effective that wording is.

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A programming or accounting resume sample however is not going to be something that you can simply copy and use as your own. Your skills and experiences are unique to you and the job that you are applying to will have very specific expectations so your resume should always be carefully tailored for every application.

Tips for Writing Your Programmer Resume

Whether you are looking for an entry level job or have many years of experience in a variety of different languages you will always need to ensure that your resume fits the job that you are looking for. While a one size fits all resume is what most people send out, it is rarely effective. If you want to land an interview then you really do have to consider exactly what the job is looking for. The following advice will help you with your application:

  • Review the job advert to identify precisely what skills and experience they require.
  • Match your own abilities to their requirements, be realistic if you don’t match then there is little chance of your being selected.
  • Rank those skills, qualifications and experiences according to what you believe is most important to the recruiter.
  • Place your information in that order under the relevant sections of your resume so that they will always read the most pertinent data first.
  • Use white space before each section heading to draw the eyes of the recruiter directly to the information that you want them to read.
  • Keep your page clear with minimal formatting and 1” wide margins so that it does not look cluttered.
  • Use a font that is easy to use in 12pt size.
  • Do not decorate the page or add photographs as this will just distract the recruiter from reading your information.
  • Make sure that all acronyms are spelled out in case the initial review is done by someone that does not fully understand the industry.
  • Do not just claim skills and experience; provide a concise example of how you have used them and what the outcome was.
  • Use bullet points to make information easier to scan and more concise.
  • Always use action verbs to show what you have achieved and done.
  • Avoid clichés such as claiming to be hard working or reliable.
  • Ensure there are no errors within your writing before you send it

The following advice from Robert Half is just as applicable to experienced programmers as it is to those just starting out in the industry:

“Entry-level developers often clutter their resumes with unnecessary and unrelated facts. They fear that the resume will feel barren without lots of black ink on white paper. Until you have the experience to fill out a page with real meat and potatoes, it’s best to emphasize what’s pertinent to the job rather than trying to make the page look busy.”

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