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Why Your Accounting Resume Is so Important

Your accounting resume has one purpose only and that is to simply get you an interview. It should not have to tell your full life story from birth through to your last meal as some people try to cover within their writing. It has to provide enough information to convince the reader that you are an excellent choice for the job that they have advertised.

This is a sales document that has to be able to complete its task in a very short space of time. In fact, an in-depth study by TheLadders using eye tracking technology on a number of different recruiters showed that the recruiter would spend only 6 seconds looking at your resume. So you really do not have a lot of time to convince the reader of your ability to fulfill the job.

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Because of this you will want to avail yourself of all of the help that you can get with writing your resume so that you can have a greater chance of getting selected. Our resume samples for accounting applications and writing tips are able to help you craft a better more effective application.

How to Use Our Accounting Resume Sample

Whether looking at our accounting resume examples of other samples that you find online you must always remember that they are written about someone else and not the position that you are applying to. While samples can provide you with a huge amount of help and guidance they are not something that can be simply copied and used as if it were your own. Your own resume will always be personal to you and as such you should use these examples for guidance and inspiration only.

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A good sample of accounting resume writing will provide you with a good grasp of the things that you should cover within your application as well as showing you how they should be written. It will also show you how to organize and format your resume so that it will draw attention to the right places to get you noticed.

Tips for Writing Your Accounting Resume

Even with the best accounting or electrician resume sample you will still need additional guidance to help with your writing so that you fully understand what should be included and indeed avoided within your resume. The following easy to use tips along with accounting resume builder will help spell out how your resume should be structured and written if you want to get that interview:

Select Your Format Very Carefully

  • It must be clean and uncluttered so ensure that you have at least 1” margins all around.
  • Have the traditional headings and organization for your resume; most recruiters have a well-developed pattern for how they will scan your resume so using an unusual layout could backfire on you.
  • Always use a clear and easy to read font in a minimum of 12pt size.
  • Minimize your formatting of the text within your resume so as not to cause confusion.
  • Do not use any form of decoration or even a personal photograph.
  • White space is your friend and can be used to make the reader look to where the most important information will be located.

Tailor the Content to Reflect Recruiter Expectations

  • Identify expectations by reviewing the job advert and company website.
  • Match your skills and experience to those expectations.
  • Complete each section within your resume putting the most important factors that they are looking for first within the relevant sections so that they are seen first.

Make Your Writing Effective

  • Do not make vague claims, always demonstrate skills and achievements with clear and concise examples
  • Quantify what you have done with real data
  • Do not use any clichés
  • Spell out acronyms as the recruiter may not know what they are
  • Write in a concise to the point manner, use easily scanned bullets if appropriate

Once completed, ensure that you carefully proofread what you have created. Many recruiters will use even a minor mistake as a reason to discard your resume in favor of another applicant.

As Time says:

“This is not the time to get fancy. You want potential employers to get the most information from your resume as quickly as possible. Your resume should follow a standard hierarchy that all recruiters are used to looking at.”

If you are struggling with your application and want it to be as good as the best accounting resume sample just get in touch with our experts here today for help and support that you can trust!

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