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The Importance of an Excellent Nursing Resume

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the demand for registered nurses is going to grow by at least 16% through to 2024. As Villanova University says this is going to drive an increase in competition for those jobs also. So if you want to gain a new job and improve your career prospects then you need to make sure that your nursing resume is able to make you stand out.

Writing a good resume is not enough, your resume has to be capable of fully grabbing the attention of the reader and clearly communicating that you have exactly the skills and experience that they are looking for. This has to be done in many cases in just a few seconds as most recruiters will simply scan the resumes put in front of them looking for the key words and phrases that they want to see. Many will also use software to whittle down the number of resumes that they have to look at.

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But writing that highly focused and targeted resume that is going to get you an interview is for many a difficult task. Many will want as much help and advice as they can help to ensure that they put forward an effective application.

A Sample of Nursing Resume Writing Can Help You

One way to see what is expected of you is to look at examples of nursing resumes. Successful resumes can provide you with a lot of insight in to what will work for you. From a nursing or MBA resume sample you will be able to see the style of formatting that is required to draw attention to the information. It will also show you the different areas that you should cover within your resume and how you should actually go about your writing itself to get attention.

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You cannot however just simply copy what you find. Not only is that plagiarism it is also not going to help you to get your next job even if the sample is the best. Your application needs to be about you and must also fully reflect exactly what the job is looking for.

Tips for Writing Your Own Nursing Resume

Looking at examples of nursing resumes does provide you with a lot of guidance but you still need to understand the mechanics of putting together an effective application. The following tips and a medical resume builder will help you to craft a perfectly targeted resume for your next application:

  • Do not use the same resume for every application. Your resume should always be tailored to fully reflect what the recruiters expect:
    • Review the job advert and website to identify their precise expectations.
    • Match your own qualifications and experience to the requirements.
    • List your details in the order of importance to the recruiter at the start of each section of your resume.
  • Format your resume clearly to maximize the chances of the information getting read:
    • Have at least 1” clear margins around your page.
    • Use a font such as Arial in 12pt size so it is easy to read.
    • Include white space before each section so that you draw the eye of the reader.
    • Minimize text formatting; it is enough to bold section headings.
    • Do not include any distracting decoration.
  • Avoid any issues with your writing:
    • Do not use any clichés within your writing
    • Only use acronyms that are specifically mentioned within the job advert
    • Don’t make unsubstantiated claims, if you have a skill provide a concise example
    • Do not write with lots of filler; make your writing concise and use bullet points where appropriate
    • Proofread your writing; a single mistake within your resume is enough for it to be discarded

The following tip from Donna Cardillo RN is something that must always be remembered within your resume:

Many different people will be reading your resume, some of whom are not nurses, and some who are nurses but do not work in your specialty. For example, the acronym MICU is not known to all nurses and certainly not to many non-nurses. Spell things out, including association names and certifications. For example, you may write “Staff Nurse / Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU).” Then, the next time you need to mention it, you can use simply “MICU.” If the reader does not understand your resume, they probably won’t want to talk to you.

If you are struggling with your application and want it as good as any sample of nursing resume writing just get in touch with our specialized services here for help that you can trust!

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