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The Importance of Your MBA Resume

According to Fortune magazine an MBA holder can expect to demand a salary that is $45,000 more than that of a holder of a bachelors degree in the same role. But of course they first have to get hired. With more than 250 applicants to most jobs you really do have your work cut out to get interviewed even if you have your MBA.

Your resume has to be able to make you stand out from the other applicants and it needs to do it very quickly. Most recruiters will simply scan each resume to narrow down their choices as quickly as possible. So if they cannot see all of the relevant industry buzzwords and the specific experience and skills that they are looking for in that scan that may only last a few seconds your application is already sunk.

This is why it is very important that you always tailor your application to the job expectations every time rather than just using the same resume for everything. The better that your resume is targeted and arranged to reflect the expectations of the job the more chance you have of the recruiter seeing that you are a good match and shortlisting you for an interview.

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Of course writing that effective resume is not something that everyone can just do naturally. Most of us need as much help and advice as we can get to get the job done well.

Using an MBA Resume Sample

A sample of MBA resume writing is often the best way to see how others have successfully approached their job applications. Good MBA resume examples will be able to show you how your resume needs to be formatted and structured for best effect. They will also show what you should be covering within your own resume and how you should word your information.

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You must however remember that your own personal resume will not be the same. None of these samples will have the same skills and background as you. Nor are they applying to the same job as you. Your resume must be unique to you, the position that you are applying to, and be totally free of any form of copying. It should never be a copy of any sample of MBA resume writing that you find.

Tips for Writing Your MBA Resume

Even with the best sample of it resume or MBA resume you will still need some additional advice as to how your resume will need to be written for the best chance of success. The following tips will help you to put your MBA resume together effectively:

  1. Format your resume so it presents your information well
  • Use only easy to read fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial
  • Use a 12pt font size so that your resume is easy to read
  • Have a clear 1” margin around the page to keep it looking clean
  • Provide white space before the start of each section so that the eye is drawn there
  • Minimize any text formatting so as not to confuse the reader
  • Do not use decorations or colored text
  1. Tailor the information that you provide
  • Identify the specific skills and experience that the job requires by reviewing the job advert and company website
  • Make a priority list to show the order of importance of each
  • Match your skills and experience to the list
  • Arrange your details accordingly under each section
  1. Write your information in an effective manner
  • Demonstrate your skills and achievements with concise examples not just make unsubstantiated claims
  • Use figures to quantify your achievements
  • Be specific
  1. Avoid issues with your writing
  • Never use clichés or vague statements in your resume
  • Be honest and do not exaggerate anything
  • Do not use slang, only use acronyms if they are used within the job posting
  • Be concise in your writing at all times
  • Proofread so that there are no errors

As the Stanford Graduate School of Business says:

Your resume is a marketing tool designed to communicate relevant experience and accomplishments to your target audience. A resume is not a biography. Tailor your resume for different audiences, and highlight the information most relevant to that audience.

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