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Why Is Your IT Resume so Important?

78% of software engineers said that they would leave their job for more money and compensation according to Glassdoor. So if you are one of those IT professionals that is looking for a better job you also need to understand that the average job posting attracts some 250 applicants according to the same study.

Of those 250 applicants only 4 to 6 of them will be invited for an interview before the final hire is decided. Therefore, the odds are very much stacked against you right from the start if you just consider the numbers. If you want to be one of those that is invited to interview then you have to work very carefully on your resume to make sure that you get noticed.

The purpose of your resume is purely to get your foot through the door in the way of that all important interview. To do this you have to be able to convince the recruiter that you have all of the skills and experience that they are looking for in the brief time that they will spend scanning your resume. Most recruiters spend a few seconds only on each resume and if they cannot immediately see what they are searching for they will be straight on to the next.

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Writing that effective resume is not easy. Our IT resume samples and writing tips however will help you to get to grips with your application:

How to Use a Sample of IT Resume

An example of IT resume such as those that we offer allow you to see how other successful applicants have organized and presented their information. An IT resume sample allows you to clearly see just how they have formatted their application and then gone about showing how well they meet the expectations of the recruiter.

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You cannot just simply copy any resume that you find online. Even the best IT or engineering resume sample resume is not going to reflect you and will not be targeted towards the position you are applying to. Your resume should always be written to target the job that you want if you want the greatest chance of success.

Tips for Writing an Effective IT Resume

It is rarely enough to just look at an example of IT resume writing and then be able to craft your own. You will still need a considerable amount of guidance and help if you want to have any chance of being selected for an interview. Many applicants will just use the same resume for every application that they make. Recruiters however will typically be looking for something different each and every time. So your resume really does need to be written specifically for each application and you should use specific IT resume builder if you want to maximize your chances of being successful. The following tips will help you with your writing:

  • Use a format that is going to be easy to read and that clearly presents your information:
    • Page should be uncluttered and free of decoration with at least 1” margins all around.
    • Text formatting should be limited, often just bold for section headings is enough.
    • Use traditional section headings for your information so that recruiters and software can find information where they expect it to be.
    • Avoid all fancy scripts, your font must be easy to read and at least 12pt in size.
    • White space directly before any section heading helps to draw attention there.
  • Put the most important information at the start of each section so that it is seen first:
    • Review both the job advert and the company websites to ensure that you fully understand what they are looking for.
    • Make a list of what they are looking for and put it in priority order.
    • Match your skills, experience and qualifications to that list.
    • Detail them in order within the relevant sections so that it is clear that you match their requirements.
  • Write your resume to get attention:
    • Do not use any form of clichés within your writing.
    • Do not simply provide a list of your past responsibilities; show clearly what you have achieved.
    • Demonstrate your skills and accomplishments with clear examples.
    • Write in a concise manner and don’t be afraid to use bullet points.
    • Make sure that there are no mistakes; proofread very carefully.

Kim Isaacs the Monster resume expert says:

Effective technology resumes clearly show the candidate’s technical skills – a hiring manager shouldn’t have to go fishing for this information. An excellent way to include technical knowledge is to add a Technical Summary or Technical Expertise section to your resume. Break the section into subcategories so the reader can quickly scan through your knowledge of programs and applications. Possible categories include technical certifications, hardware, operating systems, networking/protocols, office productivity, programming/languages, Web applications and database applications. List only those programs/applications that you could confidently discuss in an interview.

If you are struggling to get the recruiter’s attention with your applications our expert tips can help you to put together your submission so that it is as good as any sample of IT resume out there!

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