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The Importance of Your Engineering Resume

As with many other fields you will find that you will be competing against many others when you apply for a new job. This means that your resume has got to be capable of clearly demonstrating that you are perfectly qualified for the position with the right level of experience. If it cannot do that then you are not going to be considered for an interview.

Not only does your resume have to contain the right information it has to be capable of conveying it to the reader very quickly. According to Dr. John Sullivan the average recruiter will spend just 6 seconds looking at your resume. So within that time frame you are going to need to clearly demonstrate that you have exactly what the recruiter is looking for.

This means some very careful writing and formatting on your part if you want to get any chance of gaining an interview. Using a generic one size fits all resume is unlikely to get you noticed. Your resume really does need to be personalized for each and every application that you make if you want to be selected.

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Getting your resume just right however is not simple. You will want to access all of the help and other support that you can find to get yours to a standard that will ensure your success.

Using an Engineering Resume Sample

An example of engineering resume writing is one way to fully understand just how your own resume should be written. Sample resumes for applications in engineering are perfect to show you what you should cover within your writing, the sections that you should employ, and the way that your resume needs to be formatted. They can give you a huge amount of inspiration when it comes to your own writing.

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But, never simply copy a sample of engineering resume. Not only is that plagiarism, the sample is not going to reflect you personally, nor is it going to reflect what the recruiter will be looking for. Example resumes are only good for ideas and should not be used for anything more.

Tips for Writing Your Engineering Resume

Looking at a sample of resume for teacher or engineer is rarely going to be enough guidance for writing your own resume. You will still need additional expert advice such as the tips that we offer you. Our tips come from industry experts and will help you to better understand just how your own resume needs to be put together:

  • Understand what the recruiter is looking for:
    • Review the job advert to identify the specific skills, qualifications and experience that they want from their new employee.
    • If possible review the company website and other information to enhance this understanding.
    • Rank the requirements so that you know what is most important and vital to be included within your resume.
    • Write them in order of importance within the relevant sections of your resume.
  • Demonstrate your skills and achievements clearly:
    • Show your achievements not just simply responsibilities within past roles.
    • Clearly demonstrate your skills using concise examples rather than vague claims.
    • Use action verbs such as Planned and implemented.
    • Where possible quantify your success with actual numbers.
  • Present the information clearly:
    • Use an easy to use font such as times roman in 12pt size so that your resume is easy to read.
    • Use an uncluttered format that keeps the readers eyes on what you have to say.
    • Use white space prior to each section to draw the reader’s eye to the most important information.
    • Avoid the use of any decoration or fancy scripts.
    • Minimize the formatting of text to simply bolding section headings.
  • Avoid issues with your writing:
    • Do not use clichés within your writing.
    • Write in a concise manner; where possible use bullet points which are easy to scan.
    • Do not use acronyms or slang. Unless the acronyms are specifically mentioned in the job advert such as PMP certified.
    • Proofread all of your writing; a single error can cause your resume to be discarded.

Remember, as Engineering.com reminds anyone writing their resume:

Employers want to see the details of your engineering work history and experience, but they don’t need your life story. Keep information specific to the job and with one goal in mind – getting an interview. That means anything that you have done in past jobs that is not relevant to this job in any way is just filler.

Our engineering resume builder can help you with all of the support that you need to submit a highly targeted and effective resume.

If you want to submit your application so that it is as good as any engineering resume sample out there just get in touch with our specialized services here today!

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